Monday, 4 January 2016

                                      OOTD// Monochrome 

Like most girls, black is one of my go to colours when it comes to piecing outfits together. For the obvious reasons as well, it's by far the most slimming colour than works on my body shape, It looks sleek and sophisticated and as a nice little bonus you rarely have to give great thought into what would match since every shade can compliment black. At the moment I'm loving wearing one really eyecatching statement piece ( in this case the dress) and very basic accessories such as block coloured shoes and bag.

The Dress: This beautiful little gem I picked up a few months back at good old Urban Outfitters, A girls best and a banks worst enemy haha. I was just draw to the simple oversized structure of the dress and the abstract monochrome print on the front. I bought A size small and it fits me perfectly, keep in mind it is styled to look big around the bottom but the upper half is exactly where it needs to be. Plus you can't complain that it has hidden pockets to ensure you liptick is close to you at all times. Or is that just me?

The accessories: Like I previously mentioned im loving real basic accessories atm, so all black everything is right up my street. Lets start with the shoes, we all know what a pair on knee high black boots look like, your mum, sister, auntie, granny and neighbours dog has a pair of suede high rise boots! But what I like in particular about these ones from BHS ( A million years ago) is that they have a rather small heel but still look a sleek as some of the sky scrappers you see in the shops. The bag however is new to my collection. It was a gift of my Mum for Christmas, by red herring in Debenhams & I love it! its a very simple one strap hand bag, no shoulder strap included. What enticed me about this specific item was that it is the perfect size for an everyday bag. I can fit my purse, keys, small makeup bag, compact mirror, ipad and other lady essentials with no problem or squeeze whatsoever.

What styles are you sporting right no?
Thanks for reading, Jade x.

Saturday, 31 October 2015

                                  My trip to // Amsterdam

Hello everybody, I'm really sorry I have not posted anything in a while. My life has been super crazy at the moment. I've finished University, moved into my own flat and started a brand new job all in the last few months. But I've really missed blogging and i've promised myself I am going to commit more time into doing it.As i said I've just been caught up with life and all that comes with it so I haven't really got an exciting new to blog about really. The only thing is my trip to Amsterdam this past week for my friends 21st birthday, so I thought I'd share a few with you.

                                                          Thanks for reading, xx.
Heroine// Addict

Like most girls, I am certainly a fan of a good old M.A.C lipstick..although usually I will opt for the nudes or light reds and that's me done. But when I was in the airport last week returning from Amsterdam I was just drawn to Heroine (the lipstick). I've seen it in the shops before but never thought to pick it up just because I thought it would be too intense to get any wear out of. However I persuaded myself to buy it, I was on holiday so why not? AND I absolutely love it! My biggest worry with this product was that if it smudged or somehow got on my teeth, it would be really obvious to everybody! So that's why I have given this lipstick a week trial and test. On review of this product I feel the first thing to stand out to me was how drying it could be. Since it is matte the lipstick can cling to dry areas so be sure to use a good lip balm as a base first. On the plus side its really long lasting due to how matte it is, I also found it was a really pigmented colour when I transferred it on to my lips, very little product was needed... which is also plus! My favorite way to wear this makeup is with tanned skin, a matte base, a bold eyebrow, nude and gold shimmer eye shaddow, think black eyeliner, lengthening mascara, and of course the lipstick.

                                            Thanks for reading xx

Thursday, 2 April 2015

FOTD// Red lips

Hey guys, sorry its been a while since my last post, I have been crammed with uni deadlines and assignments at the moment. Im sure most of you can relate but not to worry, i'm getting back into my routine now so hopefully post's should be more frequent. So to kick off the moth of april I thought i would show you what I was wearing on my face for the month of march. So, lets get into the products

Foundation- revlon colourstay
Bronzer- Channel bronze universal
Brows- Rimmel brow penil
Eyeliner- collection xtreme felt tip
Mascara- benefit there real
Lipstick- Rimmel appocalips shade orange-ology

thanks for reading xx.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

OOTD// Amsterdam

Jumper- ARK
skirt- H&M
Backpack- New Look
Shows- Topshop
Sunglasses- Topshop

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The face// nude lip & winged eye

( apologies for the makeup powder on my jumper haha)

I am such a sucker for a big nude lip & most times when i'm off on a night out or an evening like a meal/occasion I dip straight into my nude lip collection. I know most people opt for a bright red or pink but for me thats far too much maintenance with numerous toilet trips to top up. No thanks..

SO anyway, enough about the lips lets talk about the whole look. Heres a run down on all products I used: nars sheer glow foundation, rimmel sunkissed bronzer, mac soft & gentle msf, collection felt tip liner, rimmel scandaleyes mascara, makeup revolution brow kit (AMAZE& SO CHEAP), Mac velvet teddy lipstick with rimmel spice lip liner underneath.So thats whats on my face, tell me your favorite going out makeup combinations...

Thanks for reading xx.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Whats in my makeup bag// Daily products

Heres a run down of all the stuff I carry around in my daily makeup bag.

  • Eyelash curlers
  • Mac soft & gentle msf
  • Rimmel lasting finish
  • Rimmel Kate moss Lipstick - shade 07
  • Mac honey love lipstick
  • Illamaqua concealer ( I use for contouring)
  • Maybeline master precise eyeliner
  • Miss sporty mascara
  • Benefit play stick foundation 
  • Makeup revolution brow kit
  • Mac mineralize blusher in dainty
Thanks for reading xx.